Ontario Skills Development Fund (SDF)

On Tuesday September 26th, the Ministry of Labor announced $90 million dollar of investment into the Ontario Skills Development fund (SDF) to aid the impending skill labor shortage in the province. The program supports innovative projects that increase workers and job seekers skills and knowledge to improve their career choices....

HELLO from Soaring Leadership

Our Mission: We help leaders reach their full potential.™ Robert Half survey show that 39% of people surveyed have left a job due to a bad boss. This is unfortunate and often due to leaders who are not self-aware and don’t realize the negative impact they have on their team.

Introducing Shahroz Alam 

Shahroz joined Corpex one year ago as our Website Designer and Customer Service Technician. He works daily to improve the user experience of our website, social media and our training platforms. He rolled out our Webroot training tool to educate our clients on phishing prevention. He is also the face...

Smart Goals

Have you ever been on a team that never seems to get things done or there is definite misalignment? Are you always missing your targets and what you are supposed to achieve?


Pat yourself on your back for all the things you accomplished in 2021. Really feel the pride and success you made no matter how small it was.Consider what thoughts dominated you in 2021, both good and bad. Think about why they made you feel like they did. Was there a...