Machine vision cameras

Machine vision cameras, like the Zebra CV 60, are specialized devices designed for automated systems to replicate human vision and perception. These cameras employ high-resolution sensors and advanced algorithms to capture and process visual information, enabling machines to autonomously interpret and understand their environment. Key attributes include precision, speed, and versatility, making them essential for tasks like quality control in manufacturing, where they identify defects and ensure flawless production. Machine vision cameras are essential for automation, offering precision and speed. They find use in diverse industries like logistics, healthcare, and autonomous systems. These cameras excel at tasks such as barcode reading and object tracking, showcasing their adaptability. In manufacturing, they ensure flawless production by identifying defects, contributing significantly to efficiency and automation in various processes. At Corpex, we use our machine vision Zebra CV60 Series Camera to optimize your production.

AI Cameras


AI cameras, exemplified by products like Luxonis, are advanced devices integrating artificial intelligence into imaging systems. Their key attributes, including powerful processing capabilities and machine learning algorithms, enable them to analyze visual data in real-time. Luxonis cameras showcase these attributes, finding applications in diverse fields. In logistics, they streamline operations through efficient object recognition and tracking.

In healthcare, these AI cameras enhance diagnostics and patient monitoring. Additionally, in autonomous systems, they contribute to intelligent decision-making. Their versatility extends to tasks like facial recognition and anomaly detection, making them indispensable in various applications, driving advancements in automation and intelligent data analysis.

We curate Luxonis Artificial Intelligent Camera solutions to your needs here at Corpex.

Smart Cameras

Smart cameras, like the Zebra GTX, stand out as sophisticated imaging devices with intelligent capabilities for heightened functionality. Their key attributes encompass real-time processing, high-resolution imaging, and embedded analytics. Zebra GTX, as an example, demonstrates these features and finds versatile applications. In industrial contexts, these cameras play a crucial role in quality control, ensuring precision and defect identification in manufacturing processes.

Within the retail sector, smart cameras contribute to customer analytics and efficient inventory management through advanced tracking and recognition functionalities. Additionally, their applications in security, featuring facial recognition, elevate surveillance capabilities. Overall, smart cameras serve as indispensable tools, driving automation, data analysis, and operational efficiency across diverse industries.

Our team at Corpex can introduce you to the advanced capabilities of the Zebra GTx Smart Camera for your specific requirements.

Security Cameras

Our security cameras are cutting-edge surveillance solutions designed for safeguarding homes and businesses. Packed with high-resolution imaging, night vision, and motion detection features, these cameras offer advanced protection. Whether you’re looking to enhance the safety of your home, monitor retail spaces to deter theft, or ensure the security of industrial environments, our security cameras deliver top-notch performance.

Explore the latest in technology with our smart security cameras, equipped with additional features like facial recognition and remote monitoring, providing you with comprehensive security solutions. Trust our cameras to not only monitor but also provide valuable insights for a wide range of security applications. 

At Corpex, your safety is our priority, and our security cameras are here to deliver peace of mind.