1. Pat yourself on your back for all the things you accomplished in 2021. Really feel the pride and success you made no matter how small it was.

  2. Consider what thoughts dominated you in 2021, both good and bad. Think about why they made you feel like they did. Was there a story you told yourself that was holding you back or did you go for it? Be an observer of your thoughts.

  3. What didn’t go right last year in life and work? Your income? Your growth? Your health? Your relationships? Be honest. What did you crave more of? Take the little lessons you see from this and be thankful for what you are learning from it.

  4. Now, LET ALL THAT GO. Start to focus your energy on the good things to come.

  5. Who do you want to become this decade? Feel free to really dream. What would make you want to wake up everyday and feel energized to get going?

  6. Where is it that you want to accomplish by the end of 2022? Be as specific as you can by writing down detailed actions you should take.

  7. What should you stop doing in 2022? What should you give more to that is important? Your family, your friends, your health, your business, your career, etc.

  8. What is the biggest challenge, fear or obstacle that you must overcome in 2022 that is holding you back? We have to be honest with ourselves so we can move forward.

  9. Look at your discipline, your patience, your commitments toward your abilities. Do you need training, a coach to help you or just practice what you already know? Identify where you should focus.

  10. How can you unlock even more happiness in 2022? Remember it is a choice.

  11. Set an emotion to what you want this year. Will you feel more joy, confidence, or peace? Be specific so that it anchors into your conscious.

  12. Attach an incantation or power phrase to your goal.  Example: 2022 will be the year that I reach my goal of XXX and enjoy the freedom this brings me.

  13. What could you do today to move your goal forward? Just one small step. Commit to it now! And finally set the action you can take tomorrow. One step at a time.

Let us help you create inspiring goals and concrete steps for your success in 2022.