We Provide You With A Comprehensive Infrastructure Evaluation Of your Current Technology Systems.

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Network & Wifi Internet

Looking for Wi-Fi Internet & Network Service in the GTA? Thank-You for visiting. Feel free to contact us directly for more information. We provide efficient and reliable network and WIFI internet services. 

Servers & PCs Install and Maintenance

Having a secure and reliable server allows businesses to  concentrate their attention towards their specialties. Servers play a significant role in any business. We insure accurate installation and maintenance of servers since they are the backbone of any businesses for it to stay profitable 

Architecture Network, Operations & Security

At Corpex, Our staff is highly skilled in designing, installing and supporting complex and disparate networking architectures.

Windows Active Domain, Azure Cloud AD, User Control

Along with our wide range of services we also provide Windows Active Domain, Azure Cloud AD, User Control

What we do best

We provide information technology assessment, advisory and maintenance services to support manufacturers and distributors.

More Infrastructure Services...

CISCO, TP-Link, Sophos, Wired & Wireless

Industrial: PCs, Barcodes, Scanners, Label Printers

Security Operations Surveillance

Office 365 & Azure, Teams, Sharepoint, OneDrive, Planner

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