Self & Team Mastery


Emotional Intelligence helps Leaders to be aware of themselves, their teams and their relationships so they can have better interactions and have more influence. Be honest and write down how you would react to each situation.  

Social Awareness 

  • Your boss tells you that you failed on assignment. 
  • A friend talks poorly behind your back.  
  • Colleague lies about what happened in meeting. 
  • You get told you are too quiet or too aggressive. 
  • An employee keeps making mistakes. 
  • Someone cuts you off in traffic. 
  • What is the voice in your head saying to you? 
  • What I like about myself. 
  • What are my short comings? 
  • I am bothered by…. 
  • I am strong when…. 
  • I am motivated when…. 

Self Regulation

  • When I am angry, what do I say/do? 
  • If I am frustrated, I…. 
  • Someone violates my core values. 
  • Do I indulge in anything to excess? 

  • Do I find it hard to control what I say in certain circumstances? 
  • Do I have a hard time resisting something I know is not good for me? 
  • Do I hide or avoid conflict? 

Skilled Relationships

  • Do I invite feedback from others and curious about their input? 
  • Do I find common ground in difficult situations? 
  • Do I live up to my commitments and can be relied on? 
  • Will I take one for the team? 

  • Do I give people benefit of the doubt? 
  • Do I feel I must be careful of what I say or do I openly share thoughts and feelings? 
  • Do I manage healthy boundaries? 
  • Do I take time to appreciate others on a regular basis? 
  • Do I avoid gossip and discourage the same in others? 


Taking a few minutes each day or each week to be intentional about your own behaviors and your interactions with others will escalate your success. 

Questions for ME this day/week: 

My responses: 

What is the most important thing I should focus on? 

How will I keep my energy high? 

What I will do to focus on my health? 

Who in my family can I WOW? 

How will I balance work/life? 

What is the skill I want to demonstrate? 

What behavior can I model? 

Who or what can I be grateful for? 


Questions for ME this day/week: 

My responses: 

Who can I show care or concern for? 

Who could use some feedback? 

Who could I recognize? 

Who can I help grow or expand their skills? 

Who can use more freedom? 

How can I encourage teamwork? 

What fun can I initiate?