Overcoming Fear

Fear is often the #1 thing that holds us back. Many of us have fears. 

And, we don’t do things that could help us because we are afraid of the unknown. We fear not being loved, not being accepted, not being needed, not being good enough or we have a fear of failure. Any of these lead to the imposter syndrome – Inside you are thinking one thing while on the outside you are portraying something else. I am not as good as people think I amHowever, not getting past fear means you will not be able to live your life to the fullest 

Do you think of people who sky dive are not afraid when they first start? Yes, they are. But once they do it and they feel the acceleration of the wind in their hair and the increase in their heart rate. Doing it develops adrenaline as they land safely and then they want to repeat it. After you do something that you fear 3-4 times, you get familiar and comfortable which builds your confidence. Nothing changed except that you did it. 

Let’s flip it around to consider what would happen if you don’t overcome your fear. What will it do to your life in 1 year, in 5 years, in 10 years if you continue to hold that fear? How would it affect your heath, your relationshipsyour work, your hobbies? How would it affect your success? 

Everyone is afraid of something, but if you build your courage muscle, it means you will go ahead and do that thing you were afraid of even if you are still afraid.  

So how do you overcome fear? You just do it! Regardless of what your mind is telling you, you do it anyway. And once you do, you will have a momentum that propels you forward. And over time, your courage turns into confidence. You tried. You learned, you took action, maybe you failed but you got back up and did it again. And eventually you can do it with your eyes closed!