Overcoming Anxiety

 We love the concept of curiosity when it comes to leadership skills. Being curious allows you to question what is going on around you without getting caught up in emotions. 

Find a quiet place: 

It doesn’t matter if you are sitting, standing or lying down. Just get comfortable and remove all distractions (like your phone). 

Recall a recent incident: 

Think about something that happened recently that made you anxious, frustrated or angry. Try to imagine it as if it is happening right now. How did you feel? Really think about it and feel the same feeling as when it happened. 

How is your body reacting: 

What is the feeling you have in your body right now? Be specific. An example could be “I feel very hot right now.” 


Where is the feeling taking place: 

Get detailed about where you feel the reaction in your body. Is it in your head, your chest, your stomach? Is it on the right side, the left side, the middle?  

Get curious: 

As you think deeper, do you feel anything else? Get in a state of wonder of why you feel the way you do in this particular place. Keep thinking about this for about 1 minute.  Get really clear on what is happening. Why do you think it is showing up this way? Is it telling you something?

Now get playful: 

Now try humming or singing while you continue to think about your feelings. Continue to be aware of what is happening and if the feeling is changing in any way. Does it increase or decrease? Does it change 

This practice of being curious helps you shift from your constant thinking brain to the feeling and sensation parts of your brain. In this mode, you are able to look objectively at what is happening and normally it will lessen the intensity.