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Being an AWESOME leader requires high emotional intelligence. It all starts with your own ability to recognize your emotions and control your behaviors to get the results you want. When you learn this, you will be able to understand, perceive and respond with others to achieve more goals and have higher success.

Take your leadership to the next level with some additional concepts you should consider. Looking deeper at how you show up as a leader and to create the culture and team that can take you into the future success you desire. In the courses below, we show you some key skills you should master to continue to influence others towards common goals.

As a leader you understand how important it is to work on your emotions and behaviors before you try to influence others. In this series of course we help you overcome some of your engrained thoughts and beliefs. We offer best practices tips and exercise, you can try based on your needs.

Handling other people can be one of the most challenging aspects of leadership. it takes empathy and a curiosity to understand the other persons perspective. In this series, we show you how to handle conflict, to have those difficult conversations and to do this in a way to maintain the positive relationships you need for success.

Without a strategy your team will not have a guiding light. It’s equally important to translated the strategy into concise and actionable goals that are cascaded at all levels of the organization. In this series we show you concept and best practices to help rally your team around your vision.

How many times have you been given or set goals that just didn’t seem to come to fruition? In our minds, it takes leadership, focus and simple processes that can be easily used at any level of the organization. In this series, we address the mindset and the tools that move your success from impossible to Possible!

At Corpex, we love LEAN because it helps us clean up, organize, solve problems, make smarter decisions and engage teams. And all that with simple, easy and fun techniques that anyone on your team can use. And as you engage your team, you will be reducing waste, saving money and making your facility more exciting to work in. This series of courses will get you started.

Wouldn’t we all like to feel like this team? Well, in our minds, there is no reason not to have this kind of workplace. After all, we spend a lot of time at work. In this series, we build on our leadership series to provide further ideas and practices on culture, inclusion and engagement. Why not try something new today?

We cannot offer courses to manufacturing without talking about safety. It must be #1 in the workplace. In this series, we give you the basics on how to implement or monitor your safety program while creating an ownership culture that will sustain for the future. Without safety for our people, you cannot even get off the starting block of success.