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Frequently Asked Questions.

Yes, we consider the appropriate tools as part of the technology stack.  This means we use AI for some of its best capabilities and use advanced algorithms to post process the AI’s output.   In our case the bulk of the AI deployment is within our Machine Vision Products. 

We take pride in working through the change management process with you for every project. It is critical to think about any project from the perspective of how your team will interact and adjust to any changes. Therefor we can help you build that strategy to consider communication, training, support and accountability. We consider this critical as we continue to develop tools for manufacturing sector. Understanding what the shop floor staff really does and how to link tools to make them more effective and efficient is the ultimate goal for management and our products and services. 

That depends on the project and intent.  For example, if our Machine Vision with  Situational Awareness System is part of the project then, the project is viewed from a hypothetical standpoint of early warning and safety.  We optimize to a degree to ensure we “see” issues early hence reduce scrap and downtime while minimizing false negatives.

If you are looking for continuous improvement or a new software process, then a project assessment will provide a respective framework to calculate ROI. Examples would include, labor and machine efficiencies, material costs, quality costs etc.

The current technology and trend is moving ERP systems to be cloud based which means your can access them from anywhere.  If your system is on-premise (at the office) then generally using a secure VPN with MFA connection to access the Office network is important. If your ERP is Browser based just use the preferred Browser. If it is thick client software RDP or Citrix are optimal solutions. Not sure what you need? Call us today!

Machine Vision is  the ability for a Machine/Computer to “see” such that we can create a process and functionality. 

For example our CMVS Machine vision system is able to see 100% of  convoluted moving product and measure specific parameters to very high precision to provide feedback and guidance to the Production Machine to stay within quality parameters. 

There are many scenarios that this can greatly improve assistance to the production or logistics process including thermal observation, sizing, looking for damage or assuring “good” product. 

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