Culture & Leadership

Interim Leadership

Sometimes you have a short term need to fill a senior leadership gap. This may be due to an unexpected departure or a new role being developed where you don’t want to rush the hire. Or maybe you just want some extra experienced support to help you build your business strategy.

We can offer short term placements for up to 6 months. This may be in the area of strategic development or best practice execution. We can set you up for success.

Culture Enhancements

People want to work for companies who care about culture. We have over 30 years of experience in manufacturing leadership with proven success. Our offering ranges from Strategic Leadership Coaching, Competency Development, Communication, Performance Management, Team Engagement and Change Management. 


CI and Project Management

Continuous Improvement tools can help improve your efficiencies while also engaging your workforce. This creates sustainable change. Let us help you learn the tools that you can continue to use long after we leave you. 

We also can help you manage your improvement projects from beginning to end. This may be C.I. or Engineering Projects. Sometimes you just need a little help to get it done.