IT Services – Data Backup

Why it is crucial to safeguard your information?

The Ongoing Threat of Digital Assaults

Information reinforcement is a genuine concern for organizations, entrepreneurs, and even general users. With the ongoing threat of digital assaults including hacking and ransomware, it is more important than ever to know how to safeguard your valuable information. Imagine you lost all of your family photos you have taken from vacations or family events. That would be stressful enough. Now think about what would happen if your business was held for ransom and your operations are grinding to a halt or you had considerable confidential information lost that could benefit your competition.

Types of Backups

In the time of virtual systems in the cloud, it is beneficial to have a local backup for rapid repair as any location can be compromised. In fact, we suggest multiple backups which increases your chances of recovering your data.

  • Full backup: backs up everything on selected folders or disks including boot partitions and hidden files.
  • Incremental backup: backs up any changes made between the current state and the last incremental backup activity.
  • Differential backup: backs up changes between the current state and the last full backup.

Macrium Reflect is one of the various tools we use because it provides all three options. Macrium can be more granular and specifically backs up SQL and Exchange data bases as well. Macrium encrypts data locally into repositories and pushes backups to offsite replication storage. The Macrium Image Guardian allows a protective layer against Ransomware by monitoring the backups and interfering with any attempt to tamper with them. It is always good practice to test backups and even restore images on a schedule to a test or virtual machine to verify backups are intact and usable in case or a disaster.

Cost, downtime, and data loss are just a few of the many things to consider when developing a strategic plan for your backups. Depending on the sensitivity and amount of data in your company, you may need a customized solution. At Corpex, we offer consultancy, implementation, and ongoing monitoring to give our customers piece of mind that their data will be safe. We can review your alternatives and recommend the best course of action for your situation. Contact us today.