CMTS Toronto 2019

The Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show showcased (CMTS) technology ranging from Machine Tooling, Computerized Manufacturing Cells to Individual Automation Products. We highlight a few that would have some application to our customers needs or currently transitioning in becoming feasible.

We have been watching Augmented Reality applications in the manufacturing and maintenance sector over the last couple of years and the applications have come a long way. At this show we have met a new vendor that is providing their newest version of software in combination with Microsoft HoloLens optimized for low bandwidth locations. This is very well suited for distributed remote maintenance support.

For warehouse and distribution inventory management and asset location has been an ongoing challenge. Tighter and more dynamic space allocation requires a new approach beyond Rack and Bin numbering. Using state of the art Bluetooth dynamic storage bins and assets can be tagged and located accurately. In addition, asset traffic patterns could reveal facility movement opportunities.

Machine Vision has been evolving on an ongoing basis and providing opportunity to improve inline quality inspection and reduce scrap using early recognition and trending methodology. We have some projects already in progress using these technologies that are very exciting and cost effective.