Business Solutions

Business Assessments

Sometimes you may not know where to start. And that is ok because technology is moving so fast.

We offer a full scale assessment of your business and technological situation and advise you on best practices for you needs. 

We can also help you with budgeting and implementing  solutions as either additive implementations or large scale transformations. 

Business Software

ERP, CRM, Advanced Scheduling, Algorithmic Forecasting: There are so many tools available that can be added incrementally to help solve your current issues. The projects do not need to be revolutionary to have big impact to your business.

Business Intelligence means dramatically improving the data available to make fast and accurate decisions Analysis tools  allow current and on demand data to allow rapid and accurate decision making. 

Machine Vision

Rapidly and continuously evolving Computer & Machine Vision tools allow cost effective implementations. The projects typically deploy for projects in quality control, waste reduction by inline sensing failures early and allowing intervention immediately. 


Sensor devices and IOT providing data stream to audit or early detection potential failures or adjustments prior to failures.  

Machine vision and advanced sensing are instrumental modules to Industry 4.0 solutions. 

Technical Projects

We can implement small projects for test or proof of concept, or large scale transformational business system design. 

Small: QR and barcoding, Plant maintenance, Business Intelligence (BI) can make data much more visible

Medium:  Machine Vision, Data Collection and Industry 4.0 methodologies can help

Large:  Full business system and innovation development