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What Do We Offer?

Cross Industry networking group to learn, discuss and practice new skills that will take your leadership to the next level. We offer groups for more experienced individuals looking to enhance their skills (Group A) and separate groups for people just starting their leadership journey (Group B). If you are not sure which group is right for you, we would be happy to discuss in a clarity session.  

 If you know which group is best for you, go ahead and signup now! 

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What is a Leadership Group?

Soaring Leadership Groups are virtual cross-industry membership which provides a rich environment of learning and growth. We believe that great leaders never stop expanding their knowledge and our concise, confidential format ensures our clients can fit development into their busy schedule. During bi-monthly one hour sessions we learn, discuss and practice leadership skills that are relevant to the groups.  

Whether you are new to learning leadership skills or a seasoned leader wanting to excel, we match you to the group that meets your needs.  These sessions allow us to be open transparent, vulnerable and brave to practice the things we want to improve. It is a supportive and helpful environment to learn in real time. 

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What is A Clarity Session?

Our process is to have a 5-15  min one on one discussion to understand your current leadership situation and goals so that we can choose the right networking group for you. We would then contact you within 24 hours with your customized signup instructions. If you have more detailed questions before deciding to join, we can set up a longer clarity session with one of our expert facilitators to provide all the information you need. Prices are set during a clarity session based around the networking group chosen.

Are You Ready?

  • Are you and your team taking the time to question and challenge your limiting beliefs? And if you don’t think you have any, then this offer is for you.
  • Are you rediscovering tried and true best practices that can help you with your biggest opportunities?
  • Do you have a confidential and safe place to discuss and practice the leadership skills you are trying to improve?
  • Do you have a network that understands what you are going through and is there to support you?

Join us today to learn best practices that can enable you and your team to operate more effectively while enjoying the journey!

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Who Is Soaring Leadership Group For?

  • Small business owners who want to improve their performance and are not sure how to get there.
  • For Senior and Executive leaders who are trying to find out what leadership skills they can improve to get the best out of their team and company performance.
  • For Junior or Middle leaders who want to increase their skills while having a safe place to practice.
  • For New leaders who want some help to get started on the right foot and know they need to learn from others who have been there.

Why You Should Join Today:

As leaders, we all need to keep learning and growing. Sometimes, we just don’t know how to fit in the time to enrich our knowledge even though we know we should. With two 1-hour sessions per month, our groups are easy to fit into any schedule.

Sometimes we take our leadership style for granted, which is especially true if we have been doing this for awhile. Using a cross-industry (no competitors) participant team, we hold each other accountable to ACTIVE LISTENING and ENGAGED LEARNING. Our group discussion allows you to make the most of each other's experiences.

Based on interest of each group, we customize the topics we cover. In this way, you are getting what you need the most. Our groups provide a confidential and safe place to practice and skills you did not have or to hone the ones that you think you already have.

Leaders Can't Fly, But They Can Soar!

At Corpex, we help our clients define their improvement journey. Using group preference input, we offer customized best practice knowledge transfer and skills practice that will make the most impact for the team. 

Don't miss your opportunity to expand your network, increase your knowledge and refine your skills!