We offer a Two Tier Level Membership and networking group options.

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Basic Membership

Best Practice Articles
Recommended reference materials
Early Alerts For Events
Introductory Leadership Videos


Prime Membership

$14.95/per month
Includes All Basic Access
Free 30 Min Clarity Session
Early Registration For Events
Special Discounts
Advanced Best Practice Materials
Selected Leadership Training Courses

All Access

All Access Membership

$49.99/per month

6 months commitment

Includes All Advanced Access
Free 60 min Clarity Session
Free Access to Leadership Networking Group
Early Registration For Events
Special Discounts
Advanced Best Practice Materials
All Access to Training Courses

Online Leadership Network Group

Customized Best Practice Knowledge

$200 /per month

6 months commitment

Live Coaching Sessions
Best Practice knowledge transfer
Customized Skills Practice
Cross Industry Networking
Coaching Feedback

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Basic Membership

Basic membership is FREE because  we believe everyone should have access to leadership best practices to improve their work and home life. Join us to get access to tips and practice sheets that introduce you to ways you can practice and improve your skills. 

All Access Membership

All Access membership is $29.99 CAD per month. As a premier member, you get access to all of our materials including more advanced and detailed topics . You get special pricing for group events and courses as well as membership to one of our Soaring Leadership Groups that meet 2x per month.

Why Become A Member?

Leadership Skills

Soaring Leaders know that learning never stops. Join us today and get access to best practice materials and practices. You also get to connect with other fantastic leaders who are willing to share their experiences. This connection allows you to consider options you may not have thought of previously. We are always offering events to stretch our skills while enjoying our journey

Self Improvement

Continual self improvement is paramount to being a Soaring Leader. We use Emotional Intelligence practices to help you refine your self awareness and management skills. Sometimes we just need a little help to see what we need to improve and some practice times in a safe and confidential environment. Join us today and we can provide you with both.

Cultural Improvement

As Leaders, we succeed when our people succeed. And building a great culture takes time and effort. We focus on the second two areas of Emotional Intelligence which include Social Awareness and having Skilled Relationships. We talk about understanding others, building rapport, handling conflict and building great teams. Your awesome culture is a step away!