Microsoft Outlook

Who would have thought that through Microsoft Outlook, one of the most used e-mail clients, would not be able to see or read your e-mails worldwide? 

Microsoft released an update causing this to happen to many users around the world calling it an “e-mail visibility issues”. It’s good to know that they are doing their part on resolving the issue in a timely manner. Within’ 24 hours of the issue was fixed and a patch was released. They also released ways of rolling back the update for home/small business users who do not have and IT professional working for them.

In my opinion this goes to show that it’s always good to read what the updates do or effects they can cause before installing anything. Sometimes it’s worth waiting but on the other hand, it’s sometimes a necessary update to patch a hole that may be an entry way for hackers. Unfortunately, there are always new risks and attacks being released every second, so it’s always good to be vigilant!