Continuous Improvement tools can sky rocket your efficiencies by empowering your workforce to work on their ideas. This creates a culture of performance and accountability which leads to a sustainable change. We can teach your team the best practice tools that are easy and practical to use in any setting and learned  any level of the organization.

We can also help to manage your improvement projects from beginning to end. These projects can focus on continuous improvement or venture into the execution of the more technical engineering implementations.  Our free clarity sessions help to define the scope of work. Call us today by clicking the link below.


We are Board Certified coaches with specialization in Executive, Business and Leadership coaching. We support companies and individuals by identifying where they are in their improvement journey and developing a motivating set of goals we help you to achieve.



A continuous improvement project involves implementing improvements with very little, if any capital money. Work is done with and through the team and can usually be done very quickly in swift short duration Kaizens that implement small wins over time.


Continuous improvement can be initiated in any company. There are simple and basic tools you can learn, or you can venture into more sophisticated and advanced methods of improvement. There is no one way to do this. The design can be customized to your culture.


A Continuous improvement culture is proven to provide positive return on investment. Because projects are completed with little focus on capital, you can realize savings very quickly while also engaging your workforce in wonderful teamwork activities. It can totally change the way you do business. 

Continuous Improvement Offers:

Problem Solving Made Easy

Problems are everywhere. Optimistic people like to call these opportunities. Whatever your outlook, learning an efficient way to solve problems will help you in all aspects of life and work.  We can take you through a simple process of defining your problems so they can be solved using 4W,2H and 1C. Once you are clear on the problem, we show you how to use 5 Why’s, Fishbone or effective Brainstorming to solve your “opportunities” so they don’t come back.

Standard Work is not so Standard.

Have you ever had the same problem come back again and again? It can be so frustrating. You put all your effort into defining the problem, you work with a team to put in solutions you think will work and BINGO, the problem re-appears! The issue could be that you were not clear on how to sustain your solution. We believe that standard auditing and Standard Work are key to keeping your solutions in place for the long haul. Let us show you how.

What Happened to 5S?

We love the 5S process. It was all the rage many years ago and for some reason we don’t see people using it as often as they should. If you have issues with tools going missing, time being wasted or people being unclear of what to do, the odds are good that 5S can help you. We help our clients not only learn the approach, we come in and help you do an actual project to help your team gain confidence. Call us to day to book a Clarity Session.

Auding is not Just for QA

In manufacturing, we found that Kamishibai is one of the easiest and most engaging auditing processes around. I know it sounds like a mouthful, but it really not that hard. If you want more ownership and involvement from your team to keep things in place and defining what needs to be improved, we can show you this technique in your facility. We can also show you how to perform Gemba Walks that are aimed at spotting issues without falling into the blame game. If you don’t know how to keep your processes in place, let us show you how!

We can help make Continuous Improvement part of your culture.

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