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What we do best

We provide information technology assessment, advisory and maintenance services to support manufacturers and distributors.

I.T. Services customized and built specifically to your needs!

Backup Systems

Backup Systems protect the integrity of computer systems in case of a physical error, human error or hardware/software failure.

Network and Security

We protect the usability of your network and data using technologies such as SysPeace, Cisco. We target a variety of threats and prevent them from entering your network.

Infrastructure Assessments

We provide you with detailed recommendation on how to achieve the maximum potential.



We provide reliable and effective IT Support, unlike many other providers. We ensure that your systems are always up tp date in order to avoid any possible down time. 

Efficient availability

Our Team is hardworking and always looking to support you with your needs at all times.

complete SUPPORT

Our goal is to help you overcome any IT issues that disrupt your productivity as soon as possible.

why choose corpex?

At Corpex, we value our clients and believe in building lasting relationships. 

Quick Response

We go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction no matter what time of day.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We make sure you are completely satisfied with our work.


We provide the technical know-how and reliable solutions to exceed  your expectations. 

We can bring 
to your business!

What our clients say

"we just spent a few hours with Peter and he "got it" and was able to move the project forward."
"When we really needed help they were there to make it happen"
"I learn so much every time we meet. Really helps me understand our opportunities"

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