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We work with companies who need help removing roadblocks to success. This can take
the form of individual growth requirements, team development issues, process breakdown or resource

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Our Services

We provide innovative business technologies and solutions to get you the decision data you need for success. And we support you in your Leadership journey by providing training and coaching which ensures your people get you there faster.

Satisfying Growing Needs

From systems architecture and process analysis to implementation and adaptation; we can help with end to end solutions. We offer a range of products and services that focus on efficiency and effectiveness of your manufacturing goals.  We often act as the insider for 3rd party resources to make sure your needs are protected.

Leadership & Change Management

We have the unique ability to not only implement the technology, but we can ensure the change management process is a true success. Many implementors forget how important the people and culture are to project success. We can help you with the full scope to ensure your team can sustain the change long after we leave. 


Every one of our team members is devoted to delivering the finest possible solution for you.


We go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction.


We strive to make our clients 100% satisfied every time.


We can handle the whole project from concept to full implementation. 

Meet Our Executives!


Strategic Leadership Partner & Leadership Coach


Founder, CTO and Technology Advisor. 

As a professional engineer, along with a thirty-year career record characterized by complete dedication to her profession, Joyce is the Strategic Leadership Partner of the Corpex Computer Incorporator. After acquiring experience throughout several different CPG and entrepreneurial companies, Joyce can offer a significant amount of manufacturing leadership experience.

Joyce’s mandate for her business means that she collaborates with C-suite leaders in the manufacturing sector for the optimization of their process, business systems and human capital. She brings a wealth of knowledge to the table that ensures that her clients’ operations align with current best practices and their desired strategic outcomes

We launch the soaring leadership brand to assist our clients with individual and team leadership development. as a certifiate coach and experienced manufacturing executive, Joyce offers coaching, mentoring and training programs.

Bachelor of Engineering – Technical University of Nova Scotia

Professional Engineering Licence – Ontario

Activation Method Coaching Certification

As an ERP Software Entrepreneur, followed by a 30-year career, Peter is the Founder, CTO and Technology Advisor of Corpex Computer Inc. After founding two companies and leading the transformational change for a third ERP company, Peter has gained a significant amount of manufacturing and business solution experience.

      With Peters core strengths being I.T infrastructure and maintenance, ERP, CRM, scheduling, and BI interfacing tools, he has the ability to identify key strategic improvements and offer cost effective solutions to obtain growth within the company. Peter has learned first-hand the importance of entrepreneurship, software development and data collection, software lifecycle and release cycles, business management and strategies to get product to market in order to create profitable returns.

Honours Bachelor of Computer Science – University of Windsor, ON

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