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About Our Company!

At CORPEX we believe that innovative and advanced technologies can help you achieve extraordinary results. However, we also know how important your people are to your success. Our team is uniquely qualified to help you integrate technology into your business and manufacturing process while empowering your team to take ownership and accountability.

Leadership & Culture

We can help you build a solid strategy or help to refine your existing path. Along with this approach, we work with you to improve your employee engagement creating the culture you are striving for. We can do this with Interim Leadership Coverage or on a project basis. 

IT Services

IT and Infrastructure are business critical needs for any business. We can setup new systems, maintain existing systems and also provide best practice improvements if you are doing any upgrade work.

Technical Projects

We provide unique and cost effective business solutions to meet any of your current manufacturing needs. On a project basis we can offer ERP, BI, CRM and robust Scheduling systems in order to allow you to fully utilize your data when you need it. 


We provide below a few questions we often receive. Our goal is to help answer as many questions as we can ahead of time. So, please do not hesitate to reach out if this list does not provide what you are looking for.

If you spend time on “the road” then using a secure VPN with 2FA connection to access the Office network is important. If your ERP is Browser based just use the preferred Browser. If it is thick client software use RDP or Citrix.

Yes, as it is imperative for us to understand your goals, your  growth plans and your current state of processes. The size and time required for the assessment can vary depending upon your system complexity. 

That depends on the project and intent.  For example if security is the centre of the project then the project is viewed from a hypothetical standpoint based on potential downtime.  If you are looking for continuous improvement or a new software process, then a project assessment will provide a respective framework to calculate ROI.

We take pride in working through the change management process with you for every project. It is critical to think about any project from the perspective of how your team will interact and adjust to any changes. Therefor we can help you build that strategy to consider communication, training, support and accountability.


Our Team

70 Years combined experience in the manufacturing and operations environment. We have been in the business solutions and process improvement arena for a long time and are using technologies and inovations that were previously reserved for the big operators.

From systems architecture and process design to implementation and adaptation, we can help with an end to end solution. With our extensive experience in manufacturing, we have a wide range of offering. We do this ourselves but also partner with other 3rd party teams who specialize if you need that.  We also act as the Interim Technical and Leadership Go-To person for our customers when using many other vendors for one project. This ensures the customer does not need to be the expert at everything.

With the world changing as rapidly as it does, it is important for manufacturers to stay ahead of the curve. With our experience, we can offer a variety of cost-effective solutions catered to your business needs. We do this by performing assessments to determine the highest impact projects that could help you face your future, and from that we can help you determine which projects can help you achieve the biggest impact. Give us a call, we would love to hear from you!

What People Say

We just spent a few hours with Peter and he "got it" and was able to move the projects forward.
When we really needed help they were there to make it happen
I learn so much every time we meet. Really helps me understand our opportunities.
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