Emotional Intelligence Self Assessmet

Rate yourself HONESTLY:             True  = √  Not True  × 

Being Kind and Caring About Yourself

□   I make sure I exercise and eat healthy food for my body on a daily basis. 

□   I have kind thoughts about myself.  

□   I am able to see my strengths and weaknesses.  

□   I know how to comfort myself when I experience pain or feel down.  

□   I like myself. 

□   I often hear a critical voice in my head. 

Describe some ways to take better care of your body and mind: _____________________________________________ 


Understanding My Moods and Emotions

   It is ok to express my emotions. 

   I do not like it when I see others express their emotions. It makes me uncomfortable. 

   My typical mood is: _____________________________ 

   The emotions I experience that I do not like are: ___________________________ 

   When someone else shares emotions I feel: _______________________________ 

   My most frequent negative emotions are: ____________________________________ 

Describe some ways to improve your moods and emotions: ___________________________

Flexibility in My Opinions

   I enjoy seeing other perspectives that differ from mine. 

□   I prefer to stay on one task at a time.  

□   I get upset if I am interrupted when I am focused on something.  

   Conflict and challenges stress me out.  

□   I love to learn and practice new skills.  

□   I have been called judgemental. 

   I can easily put myself in another person’s shoes.  
□   I know how to empathize with others.  

Describe some ways to increase your flexibility _____________________________________


 I wish I didn’t procrastinate.  

 I am often sarcastic. 

 Other people upset me often  

 I like to do things perfectly. Making mistakes is not ok for me.  

 I work better under pressure.  

 I can get overwhelmed with so many things to do.  

 I love my work and may be a workaholic. 

 I don’t know how to relax. 

Describe some ways to improve your attitude: ___________________________________

Being Social

 I love crowds.  

 I like being alone.  

 I talk to everyone even strangers. 

 I wish I had more friends. 

 I like visiting new places and meeting new people.  

Describe some ways to improve my social interactions: _______________________________


 I prefer to follow a strong leader than to lead myself. 

 I take time to ask open ended questions rather than give answers. 

 I am always trying to improve my leadership skills. 

 I walk the talk and lead by example.  

 The best leaders are good listeners.  

 You have to be charismatic to be a leader. 

 I’d like to help other people improve and achieve. 

Describe some ways to increase my leadership strength: ______________________________

Getting Stuff Done

 I trust my instincts and intuition rather than plan. 

 I have a plan and I do what it takes to achieve it. 

 I have no problem making decisions. 

 I love making lists.  

 Decisions are painful and overwhelm me.  

 I can often regret decisions I make. 

 I love to start many things to have variety and may not finish. I am ok with this.  

 I am so tired of not meeting my goals.  

 I find it very difficult to create healthy boundaries to get my stuff done. 


Knowing My Strengths 

  • What is something you do in your free time or everyday that you love doing? 



  • My strengths are __________________________________________________________ 



Knowing My Improvement Areas 

  • Things I want to improve are ________________________________________________ 


  • One action I can take now is ________________________________________________