Soaring Leadership Course

  • Course level: All Levels
  • Duration 50h


In today’s world, we need to adapt to the complex changes around us. We must deploy strong
leadership skills in order to keep our companies on track and to lead our teams towards
growth. Trained employees are able to bring in new ideas to help improve project success, to
enhance the team dynamics and to take massive actions much faster than without training.
Whether you are developing new leaders, supporting team members or advancing your
succession plans; strategic and solutions-based training is critical to your success.

What Will I Learn?

  • Professional Development: Leadership is a learned skill. But you cannot do this overnight. Having an ongoing development plan and identified learning opportunities for your key leaders is critical to their and your success.
  • Employee Retention: With ongoing developmental, morale of employees is improved and strengthens the relationships and team cohesion. This means people will stay longer than they would otherwise. They will also inadvertently advertise for you as they talk to their social circle.
  • Improved Communication: You can never stop improving your communication skills. Learning how to communicate your ideas, offer feedback, deal with conflict and influencing others is critical to everyone on the team.
  • Improved Teamwork: Great communication, relationship skills and resolving conflicts will make your workforce happier and more productive. When people learn together, they grow together.
  • Building Succession: Investing in your future leaders will prepare you for any future attrition and this allows you to have developed leaders ready to step up when you need them.
  • Productivity: Strong leadership is proven to move business forward. Look around at the companies you envy or aspire to model. They get there by focusing on development of their people. This leads to better ways to do things, less wasted time and tangible results

Topics for this course

2 Lessons50h


The world needs great leaders now more than ever. However, this is not taught well in traditional schools. We explore the best traits and skills of awesome leaders and use these to teach how a leader can continually learn to be and do better through active listening and good communication. You will also learn the very basics of active listening and open communication. This is a great course for people just entering leadership roles or as a reminder for those who have been doing this for awhile.
What is Leadership?
How To Be A Great Leader?
Leadership Quiz

Material Includes

  • Category 1: What is Leadership
  • Category 2: Emotional Intelligence
  • Category 3: Communication Effectiveness
  • Category 4: Engagement and Culture
  • Category 5: Strategy and Goal Setting
  • Category 6: Change Management

Target Audience

  • Anyone who wants support to reach particular goals!