In person and virtual team training and certified one-on-one coaching for individuals.

We provide certified coaching & leadership training for any sized group. After a free clarity session to understand your goals, we develop a customized program. Our sessions can be in person or virtual and supportive with our online library.

We base our programs around the foundations of Emotional Intelligence. Starting with Self Awareness, we teach you to recognize your emotions, why they appear, and how that effects your behavior through the training, we show you how to manage yourself for better results. 

After you are fully aware of yourself, you are able to see the emotions and behaviors in others. With a high level of empathy and understanding, we can mentor others to reach their full potential. This creates the baseline for building strong relationships with others.

What is leadership without getting results? We can teach you practical and effective ways to increase the team work and ultimate results by focusing on goals and priorities. We offer tips and tools to improve collaboration and hold your team accountable.

Our Course Selection

We have over 60+ leadership courses and we continue to develop new topics based on our client needs.

Why Hire Us?

We all need a little help once in a while to reach our goals.  Even the best athletes in the word hire a coach to make them even better. Here are some reasons our clients hire us to help:

  • NEED MORE PRODUCTIVITY? There can be a variety of reasons for lack of performance. Our business assessment can help you identify the training or coaching program needed for success.
  • NEW TO A POSITION? If your new to leadership or in a new role, training and coaching can give you a solid base of leadership skills to achieve your goals.
  • TEAM NOT FUNCTIONING? Sometimes a new team does not know how to work together or existing team is not getting along. We help to build the self and social awareness to build solid relationships.
  • YOU FEEL LOST OR FEAR IS HOLDING YOU BACK. Perhaps you are unsure of what to do next in your career or are afraid to take on the next big challenge in life. We can help you discover what you value and desire while transforming your fear toward motivation which guides you to make the next right move. 
  • YOU THINK YOU ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH and are listening to that voice in your head. We help you let go of the past and get rid of those limiting beliefs that stand in your way.
  • YOU FIND WAYS TO SABOTAGE YOURSELF by spending too much time on non-productive habits. We help you make better decisions by breaking old habits and building new ones to achieve personal growth.  

Our Philosophy...

  • We navigate a person or team’s belief system, emotional patterns and relationships to find strengths and resources. 
  • Our ideal approach is to help individuals understand themselves first and why they think or act as they do. 
  • Next, we teach them how to manage their behaviors to get the results they want. 
  • Leadership training supported by one-on-one coaching is 3X more successful than traditional methods because of the personal insight gained. 
  • Through our process we elevate the spirit of the individual which translates into a stronger, more mature and robust leader or team.  
  • We are skilled listeners who can notice what you don’t say as much as what you do say.

Strategic Coaching

  • With our BOARD CERTIFIED COACH accreditation,  we have earned recognition with specialty in EXECUTIVE/CORPORATE/BUSINESS leadership coaching.
  • We have 30+ years of practical manufacturing. Therefore, we are highly qualified to coach and train in leadership and personal development.
  • We start of by offering a free one-on-one clarity session to clarify goals and objectives to recommend the ideal approach for your particular situation.  
  • We emphasize our client’s strengths while empowering them to practice new techniques around their opportunities. If you or your team have a roadblock to success or want to continue on your growth journey, contact us today to see how we can help.

A Few of Our Valuable Clients

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