Benefits Of Journalling

Do you ever toss and turn in bed at night? You can’t stop thinking about something that happened during the day or you are listing off the things you need to remember the next day. When this happens, it is better for you to get out of bed. Take your journal and go to a quiet, dim room and write down what is on your mind. Once you get it down on paper, you are more likely to be able to fall asleep. Plus, the next day, you can read what you wrote and make sense of what it says. If you do this over time, you can start to see the trends of what is bothering you, what is on your mind and what is keeping you up at night.


Here are some other benefits:

  1. Gives structure to your feelings and emotions and allows you to read your words later to make sense of it all. 

2. Reduces stress and anxiety by getting it down on paper and off your mind. It allows your mind to release what is bogging it down.  

3. Improves your communication skills because as you write things down, you are learning how to express yourself.  


4. Allows you to sleep better because you can get what is on your mind onto paper and let your brain settle.  

5. Improves your memory. By writing things down, you bring the topics to the forefront of your brain that forces you to pay closer attention.  

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6. Gets you closer to your goals by allowing you to better define what is top of mind but also steps you can take.  

7. Helps you learn and solve problems because as you sleep, your mind will review the notes or list you create and help you to make sense of them. You can review it the next day to see what gems you came up with. 


8. Can help increase your gratitude if you journal about things you appreciate in your life. This also helps you to get your mind off your problems.  

9. Helps you to be more creative because you need to figure out how to document what is on your mind. This draws on other skills than you may normally use in day-to-day life.  


10. Improves your self esteem and mood because as you make journaling a habit, you will ultimately end up journaling about good things in your life, not just the bad.