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At CORPEX we believe that innovative and advanced technologies can help you achieve extraordinary results. Our team is uniquely qualified to help you integrate technology into your business and manufacturing process.

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Advisory services and Technology Projects for small to mid size manufacturers including IT infrastructure and Software, ERP, Supply Chain and Production Optimization

C.I. Project and Leadership

With advanced methods and extensive leadership experience in Manufacturing C.I.Geeks is your go-to connection


IT and Technology related projects including enhancements or augmentations to current systems.
Innovative and cost effective solutions to streamline current processes

Web Services

Need cost effective domain registration, web hosting, Office 365, Email, Virtual Machines please visit for services available.

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Technology is everywhere?

Computers, Cloud Computing and Smartphones have revolutionized how we do everything today.  Information and connectivity is readily available anytime.  It is accessible to all size operations.

Supply Chain
Production and QA

Present Systems


Current systems include ERP and CRM systems and may include the full spectrum of processes.  Did it achieve its goals?  Often implementation was section specific and achieved one goal while leaving many other participants out of the solution.

  • Accounting - Completed
  • Customer Interaction - in progress
  • Work Order - Completed
  • Data Collection & Feedback - wishlist


Software Tools

Augmentative Reality, Machine Vision, Algorithmic Forecasting, Advanced Scheduling and there are many more tools that could be incrementally implemented to help solve current issues.  Not all projects have to be massiv revolutions but often small tools to move into the right directions. 


QR and barcoding can be cost effective and help streamline documentation and system interaction as well Plant maintenance
Business Intelligence (BI) can make data much more visible


Machine Vision, Data Collection and Industry 4.0 methodologies can help


Full business system and innovation development

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Co-Founder- CTO

An innovative, committed  figure that leads and sets the tone.


C.I. Leader

An awesome, inspirational figure that leads and sets the tone.



An awesome, inspirational figure that leads and sets the tone.

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